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September Classes 2019


Military Avenue Farmer's Market-Thurs.

3pm - 7pm

Green Bay Plaza

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Military Avenue Farmer's Market-Thurs.

We invite you to listen to live music play at the outdoor market located at the Green Bay Plaza. Enjoy the sounds, shop for crafts, foods, produce, products, and enjoy tastings hosted by Military Avenue Vendors..

3pm - 7pm

Green Bay Plaza



1pm - 3pm

Natura-Health & Wellness

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We invite you to listen to our presentation and showcase of CBD products from local and out of state companies.  Take a look at what we make in house as Hemp processors for great quality high end results from many different ailments CBD helps with!  Some samples will be given out including baked goods, oils, and enter to win the door prize of choice!  Most important feature of the night is the NEW CBD Dermal Patches with dual release 24 hr delivery system!  They will be for sale that night to try!  Bring your loved ones and friends!

1pm - 3pm

Natura-Health & Wellness


Allergy Relief with Herbs & Oils

2pm - 4pm

Natura-Health & Wellness

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Allergy Relief with Herbs & Oils

Summer is here and we are in the Allergy Season!  Why not start out prepared with nature's defense against itself?  Learn to use herbs, oils, & vitamins to combat allergy flare ups with our products.

2pm - 4pm

Natura-Health & Wellness


Salve Make n Take

6pm - 8pm

Natura-Health & Wellness

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Salve Make n Take

This is still a great time to moisturize before winter comes!  Make some bold popping scents for this Summer & Fall.  In this day and age we are constantly washing our hands and we need to treat them with extra conditioning with our natural hand salve.  Come learn how to make and take these projects home.

6pm - 8pm

Natura-Health & Wellness

About Us

We're Here for You

My TRUTH...Message from the owner...My mind heart & soul is intertwined with the intent & purpose of Natura Health & Wellness.  Not only is it my souls purpose to help people & pets naturally, it is also one of the last wishes of my late husband.

  Tom wanted to beat his cancer & help others with health problems to fight for the sick & helpless.  He fought his cancer for three years and it aggressively took him in the end.  (He was tired & wanted to join his creator for a better life after death).  But he made sure his request was known about giving back to his community that he adored!  

Tom a Green Bay native, was always so proud of where he lived, he always felt loved & liked by many!  He enjoyed making others laugh with his comedian improvised stand ups, knowing laughter is the best medicine.  He even sought out to try living in different states always leading him back to home; his favorite place.  

It is my life’s mission to bring to you the best there is in natural health philosophy, and lifestyle.  Our center is equipped with a retail store, spa, and classroom for your health  journey & enjoyments.  We source our products locally, nationally, and internationally to bring the best of all worlds to you!  Our staff is happy, compassionate, educated, and resourceful in fulfilling your needs.  Our motto is that we are here to serve the public the best ways possible to take care of needs for the whole family. 

Our first line of defense is our specialty in essential oils & herbs, this is our go to for well being and optimal health.  Our next initiative is to balance the body through detoxification, meal planning, fitness, and body therapy.  And then finally we address the mind with further education to create healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle.  

At Natura you will meet several people practicing this philosophy and love for natural living.  In our community you are welcomed to be yourself, expressing the gifts and talents you bring to the group.  At this time we are honored to have you and look forward to servicing you to the best of our abilities.  Thank you & take care!

Enhancement Expertise

Many of our practitioners have studied for many years and continue their education to further their abilities to provide you with the best therapy, education, and modern practices.  

Norah's educational background starts with going to massage school at Florida School of Massage (1998) & (Natural Health).  She is a national certified aroma & massage therapist.  Her studies consisted in many modalities like aromatherapy, all massage techniques including Connective Tissue, Cranial-Sacral, Deep Tissue, Iridology, Natural Health Therapies, NMT, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Sports, & many more!

After massage school she attended her natural health herbal college, the Australian College of Phytotherapy in Warwick, Queensland Australia.  There she obtained the equivalent of an associates degree in Practical Herbal Therapy.  Throughout the years there were workshops on modern research of health & natural health supplements for all ages & pets that she attended.  This year she has trained in the AromaTouch Technique, ITOVI body scan & is currently attending advanced curriculum studies for aromatherapists at Aromahead Institute.

Now joining the American Herbalist Guild, she has even more educational studies & research at her fingertips.  And now you can too!  We have links to our favorite research websites for you to learn! We like to stay with the times for the latest practices in the naturopathic field.  

Specialists Who Care

As we have the latest journals on naturopathic medicine, we take caution with the supplements we carry in our store.  

Some of the major brands we carry we completely stand behind knowing they are potent & clinically formulated to aid in the balancing of your well-being.  Here are just a few of them:

  • Aromatics International
  • Aromatools
  • Aurora's Apothecary Products
  • CBD Oils
  • Doterra
  • Herbalife
  • Himalayian Salts & Salt Lamps
  • Honey-Locally Harvested
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Natura's Healing Remedies
  • Nature's Sunshine
  • And many more!

Services & Therapies


Aromatherapy & Diffuser Blending Bar

Come customize your own aromablend or use one of our pre-made blends to enhance your home or office!  

Essential oils are biochemical compounds from flowers, fruits, herbs, plants, & trees that defend themselves from invaders, pests, or disease.  These oils then are therapeutic to people & pets because of their immune boosting properties.  They help our bodies defend from harmful bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

And there is the fun side to the oils is that they smell really good!  


Custom Herbal Blending & Compouding

  • Improved circulation– The penetrating herbal therapy improves the blood circulation like no other remedy
  • Lose weight– increases metabolism and burns fat.
  • Beautify skin and reduce the signs of aging– improved circulation = more healthy and youthful looking skin
  • Speed healing by improving circulation
  • Detoxify by increasing the release of heavy metals
  • Sinus Relief-helps the immune system by boosting and detoxifying the sinuses.
  • Lower blood pressure– the herbal
  • remedy increases blood flow and scientific evidence shows that over time this reduces blood pressure
  • Oxygenate the blood – increases nitric oxide production which reduces blood clots and plaque formation, also fights infection
  • Pain relief– We have had numerous first hand testimonials of relief of chronic pain after using the herbal remedy


Classes Events, Markets & Workshops

Enjoy learning about all things natural!  Natura-Health & Wellness offers many different classes to support your understanding of the various ways you can improve your health and well-being.

And, if you have a group of friends who would like a custom class, give us a call and we'll put something together. 

Here's SOME of our classes! We hope you find something that strikes your interest!

Baking with Essential Oils

Brain Boosters

Essential Oils 101

I am Fabulous 

I am Hopeful 

Oils for the whole family!

Rollerball (Make & Take)

Winter Essentials 101

Most classes are free or a small fee will be listed, and there is a $5-$10 charge for each project that is made.  Donations are always welcomed, thank you!

Benefits of Essential Oils

  • Promote Relaxation                
  • Protect Against Environmental & Seasonal Threats    
  • Support Healthy Immune Function
  • Improve Appearance of the Skin
  • Calm Tension and Nerves     
  • Provide Antioxidants 
  • Promote Healthy Metabolism   
  • Maintain Healthy Circulation
  • Uplift Mood                                           
  • Promote Emotional Health     
  • Help Reduce Occasional Stomach Upset    
  • Purify the Body’s System
  • Support Muscle and Joint Function
  • Increase Positive Feelings          
  • Soothe Occasionally Skin Irritations
  • Help Decrease Stress
  • Repel insects
  • Promote Healthy Digestion
  • Support Healthy Respiratory Function
  • And many more!

Files coming soon.

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Natura Health & Wellness

1136 West Mason Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54303, United States

(920) 857-6710


We prefer that an appointment be made to view store, wellness center, and classroom to guarantee staff to be at this location.  The owner has a family member they take care of with a terminal illness and sometimes there is an emergency or doctor's appointment that cannot be scheduled at a time opposite of store hours.  We apologize if you have come to our store and the doors were closed. Right now it is only Norah at this location and no other staff.  We will honor a 10% discount for any issues 

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Services & Therapies

We offer other healing modalities such as Blue Lightning Therapy, Inutive Counseling, Reiki, and many more!

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Aromatherapy & Diffuser Blending Bar, Classes, Ear Candeling, Detox Therapy, Herbal Therapy, Iridology Analysis,  ITOVI Scan, Massage Therapy, & More!

Coming Events

Now Summer/Fall Farmer’s Market August 2019 to Oct. 2019 

Every Thursday from 3-7 

located at 1481 W Mason St Green Bay, WI 54303

Baking & Cooking with Essential Oils 

Painting with Essential Oils




“We love the knowledgeable staff they have recommended several oils for myself and my hubby and we love them so much we both sleep better and feel a lot better we diffuse every day !! Norah really knows her oils and has also helped our pets with anxiety !! We highly recommend them !!”

 -Janet Filiczkowski

“What an amazing shop. They are very helpful and have a nice selection of essential oils and health and wellness products.”

-Tammy Back-Laundre

“I love this place, I never thought essential oils could effect my well being as the oils do from this center!  They literally have an oil for every complaint, and the best part is that it works!  I admit I didn’t know that much about aromatherapy, AND now I take their inexpensive classes to further my knowledge!  I don’t know what I did before without these plants!  But I know now I want to be as natural as possible being a cancer survivor, I am officially open to natural health.  Come join me on my journey of health, ask me anything and I will help find the answer!”

-Ann Byrd

“I have a diffuser in my Salon next door, the customers love it and it helps them to relax while they get their services done.  I also personally use one every night before I sleep with lavender and it has helped me sleep better as well.  The staff is very helpful and really know their stuff, and also just started to sell Herbalife which is awesome!”

-Amanda Jones

Monthly Sales & Specials

Hey everyone!  I want to invite you to our shop & wellness center!  We supply all dōTERRA products and aromatherapy supplies.  We also carry various natural health products in herbs and nutritional supplements.  For services and therapies we have a health coach for nutrition advice and planning, a yoga trainer for proper exercise & stretching, Massage & Energywork Therapy, Classes & Health workshops!  Let us be of help for your health journey in 2018!❤️. We are located at 1136 W Mason St Green Bay, WI 54303  (920)-857-6710 Natura-Health & Wellness 

website: www.natura920.com 

email: herballadygb@gmail.com.

We have a 10% off sale for dōTERRA products and 25% off for all other brands, come on in we will love to have you!

What's the latest update at Natura?

We have added a new massage & therapy room, we have new products for babies & pets, we have gifts for the whole family, and we have testing for babies & pets that recommends the essential oils their bodies want in order to have balance & feel great!

FAQs Plus Q & A

FACT:  Did you know lemons stop bleeding in the body?!  So does a plant flower named helichrysium!    Ask us how we can formulate a blend for your skin needs!

Shop & Research

Click here to shop for dōTERRA products!

Here is a link to our online store for dōTERRA essential oils & products.  These oils are our first choice in caring for your body and families needs.  Ask us anything, we have an oil for that!

Click here to learn about the latest science on herbal therapy!